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Slimming Tea

A custom blend of herbal stress-reducing adaptogens. This cortisol-calming blend helps out the adrenals while speeding up the metabolism and shredding that stress weight.

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Mariana (5/5 Star Review) Purifying Tea

”Bye bye aches and pains. Love the aroma and taste, feeling more like a treat and it really does subdue the aches and pains"

Lesley Garrett (5/5 Star Review) Sleep Tea

Michael Wachmann (5/5 Star Review) Sleep Tea

”Menopausal miracle. Being menopausal has caused me to have sleeping issues. I started using Nighttime Tea and I now sleep through the night!!! This tea is AMAZING!!! The whole family is drinking it before bedtime and it's working wonders

”WE LOVE IT! Love the tea, my whole house loves it. everyone always has a cup before bedtime with a little honey in the cup."

Product Feature

Nighttime Tea

Enjoy this all-natural blend of my favourite herbal sedatives. This is perfect for anyone who can't quite turn their mind off a needs an extra push to sleep.

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Slimming Tea
Nighttime Tea
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